Hailing from Denver, Colorado, we think that no matter what kind of bike you're on, finding your limit is where the party starts. This is what hooked us on cycling since day one, and continues to drive our passion today. 

From riders to racers, we've got you covered with premium cycling goods designed to put more SNAP in your legs. SNAP is a term for quick acceleration -- aka your "jump" or your "kick" -- and is a key component of attacking and sprinting, whether you're crushing the local group ride or carving corners in a crit.

Our mission is simple: To make cycling cool again, as fast as possible.

Why? Because we want to see amateur and professional competitive cycling in America flourish. And we believe the pure thrill of speed on a bike is our best bet for getting there. We're doubling down on our collective SNAP.

Many of the bike industry trends we see in the market today aren't helping us get there, and are even working against us -- brands are missing the mark, advertising the necessity of ultra-high end equipment. This drives exclusivity and persistence of a hyper-niche sport. We started SNAP Cycling out of a desire to create the brand we wanted to buy from, but didn't exist. A brand that articulates why we ride and race. Because on the most fundamental level, FAST = FUN.

We support local bike racing in America and strive to give back to the cycling community however we can. Interested in a sponsorship for your team or club? Need prizes for a race or fundraiser? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out via our Contact page or email